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Meet Sandi

Fitness Trainer & Coach

In 2013 I made a career change into the health and fitness field.  I began my studies at the C.H.E.K Institute in California.  Teachings include full postural assessments, corrective exercise to realign posture, core conditioning, and improving stabilization.  The C.H.E.K Institutes' philosophy that true health is more than physical fitness, changed my life.  Paul Chek teaches about the 4 doctors: Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness, and Dr. Movement. It is balance (yin/yang) of all the doctors that takes you on the path to true health.  In 2015 I was introduced to Guy VOYER, DO., a 

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French Osteopath who created a program known as SOMA Training.  Through the teachings of Guy VOYER, DO., I learned about ELDOA (a stretch and exercise aimed to create space between joints in the spine, hip, shoulders, and sacrum), segmental strengthening (strengthening each fiber of the muscle),  and Myo-Fascial Stretching to assist in maintaining the health of the fascia (connective tissue), just to name a few techniques. I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn under two amazingly brilliant men.  I use these teachings to work one on one with clients and teach group classes, to aid clients in improving their overall well being.  I am continuing my education under Guy VOYER DO., as I work to complete his SOMA Training and SOMA Therapy program.  

My Philosophy

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Movement is medicine.  It is amazing how precise skilled movement can help repair and restore balance to the body.  When you perform the correct movements it becomes ingrained within your nervous system thereby helping the body function the way it is intended. Corrective exercise is not only an essential part of recovery and pain reduction, but also injury prevention and overall sustained health. 

When I work with you, I will focus on your specific goals and needs because every client is different.  Repairing and rebuilding the body is a step by step process that we work on together.  

My goal is to educate my clients, giving them the tools they need to help and empower themselves. I have observed time and time again life changing results when clients use these tools.  I tell my clients, in the words of Guy VOYER, DO,  "You are your own best therapist". 

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